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SHANDONG LONG RUN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. a technological textile enterprise invested by Shandong Wangchao Coal Electricity Group. With advanced, mature process and equipments, strong management technology team. Our products have high quality, ultra fine, green,environmental friendly, high-tech,combed yarn, which make our company functional, multiple, environmental and industrialization.

The raw material are imported Lenzing tencel,model,pima,organic cotton and domestic crotalaria sp,Richcel fabric,bamboo fiber,aloe fibre,Chitcel Fiber,soybean protein fiber,milk fiber,corn fiber,and other differentiation,function,high-tech new fiber.

Our main equipments include:Germany TRUTZSCHLER blowing-carding,Swiss Rieter combing machine ,Swiss Rieterdouble barrel autoleveller draw frame,Italy automatic cheese winding machine,India automatic doffing spinning frame of 1008 Spindles,domestic most advanced computer-controlled roving frame,and other equipements,testing devices,totally over 400 sets. The equipments we choose have the quality of advance,stable, energy saving,automatic,high performance cost ratio,etc.

Our newly constructed plants and accessory infrastructure nearly 100000sqm,total investment nearly 600 million yuan.After the operation, we can produce high quality ultra fine,functional combed yarn 7000t.Among them 70% are sold in China, which are used as high quality fine fabric,high count shirts,worsted undershirt,etc.30% are exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. We can achieve annual output value 538.46 million yuan, earn foreign exchange 30 million yuan, taxation 30 million yuan, interest 50 million yuan,adding 1000 employment.We have good economic and social benefit.